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Journeys are immersive, retreat-like experiences that encourage you to put your typical day-to-day life on pause to allow for transformative personal and professional growth. Access to people, places and programming that will inspire remarkable change.

Available Journeys

September 2-16, 2018

Tune into the voice telling you that you’re on the precipice of something great. Discover inspiration for change, the framework to determine your forward course and the tribe of people in-sync with your vision.

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November 4-18, 2018

The ultimate form of work-life flexibility? The freedom to do great work from absolutely anywhere in the world. Learn how to take your job remote, and jumpstart your new lifestyle that combines work and travel.

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What is the difference between Journeys and Remote Year?

Remote Year consists of 4- and 12-month work and travel programs, providing a platform for the remote work lifestyle and global experiences, with the support of a vibrant community. Journeys are concentrated, 2-week experiences that drive transformative personal and professional growth through inspiring experiences, intentional workshops and sessions and like-minded communities. The retreat-like micro-experiences of Journeys allow for participation from those who may not be able to engage in a traditional Remote Year program.

What is included in the price of a Journey?

  • 14 days of your Journey’s curriculum—keynotes, workshops and 1-on-1 sessions with seasoned professionals
  • Curated, authentic local experiences created by Remote Year City Teams
  • Supportive, like-minded community, including the collective, all-group events to connect and celebrate
  • Access to Remote Year’s city content, including the best restaurants, activities and cafes for your down time
  • Access to Remote Year’s Onboarding Team and preparation materials to get you ready for two weeks abroad
  • Digital resources to continue your learning and growth after your Journey culminates
  • 24/7 on-the-ground support from Remote Year staff and City Team
  • Accommodation—private bedroom in a 2-3 bedroom apartment shared with other Journey members or your own 1 bedroom apartment for an additional fee
  • Meals—daily breakfast and select lunches and dinners
  • Access to a Remote Year workspace with high quality internet
  • Ground transport to and from from the airport to your accommodation
  • Access to International SOS emergency services
  • Future discounts on Remote Year programs and experiences

What is not included in the price of a Journey?

  • Air travel to or from the Journey city (our Travel Team can assist in booking your flights)
  • Pre- or post-Journey add-ons for additional travel experiences (contact us for more details)
  • Alcohol (though you can expect a celebratory glass of sangria or mezcal here and there)
  • Travel insurance (we can make recommendations from our trusted partners)

Should I plan to continue working full-time while on a Journey?

You’ll have time to check emails and send a few updates here-and-there to co-workers back at the office, but Journey participants should not count on working full, 40-hour weeks while with us. Please note it is not necessary to have a full-time job to attend a Journey. We expect most participants will be taking time away from a job, whether that is already part of a long-term plan, or if this is treated as a vacation / professional development time.

Who are Journeys’ mentors and coaches?

They’re all stars from the Remote Year global network, including those who have traveled with our programs and the changemakers we’ve met along the way. We’ll announce our mentors, coaches and leaders in the months leading up to each Journey’s launch.

Who will be attending the Journey with me?

You’ll be on your Journey with a group of like-minded professionals, coming from all different walks of life. We expect a wide variety of industries and life experiences to be represented, with an underlying passion for freedom, adventure and change. You’ll get a virtual introduction to your Journey cohort a few weeks before your Arrival Day.

Can you tell me more about the Journeys curriculum?

Sure! You can get a high-level preview of the curriculum by checking out the Sample Sessions and Schedule Preview on Road to Remote and Pursuing Purpose pages. Month by month, we’ll be releasing more specific curriculum details including confirmed sessions, workshops and speakers.

What are the accommodations like?

You will have a private bedroom in an apartment or house. This private bedroom may be part of a multi-bedroom apartment where several Journey community members live together, each with their own bedroom but often sharing a bathroom. Your accommodations will be clean and secure, and include linens, towels, and an internet connection. If you have any lodging preferences or special needs, we’ll do our best to prioritize those requests.

Can you help me book travel to and from my Journey?

Sure! The Remote Year Travel Team is happy to assist you with finding and booking flights to and from wherever your Journey is taking you, whether that’s Mexico City or Valencia.

Can I arrive a few days late or leave early?

We hope all of our Journey participants will join for the full two week commitment to get the most of out this immersive experience. We have an action-packed 14 days lined up for you, but if prior commitments mean you have to arrive a day or two late, or leave a bit early, that’s OK. Please note we are unable to prorate the price, regardless of your arrival or departure date.

What about the other way around—can I arrive early or arrange travel in the region afterwards?

Reach out to us and let us know what you’re thinking! There will be an add-on option for post-Journey travel if you’d like to continue your adventure. If you’d like to arrive early, we can help arrange a place to stay, but please note it may be a different accommodation than where you stay during your Journey.

Can I continue traveling with Remote Year after completing a Journey?

Definitely! As a Journey community member, you have access to discounts on Remote Year programs and experiences, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn more throughout your Journey.

Are there alternative dates for these Journeys?

Road to Remote and Path to Purpose are the only two Journeys announced for 2018. For future planning purposes, we would love to hear your feedback about Journey themes and timing.

Do you offer different payment options?

Yes. We’re happy to chat with you about the option to break up your Journeys payment. Please reach out to us at journeys@remoteyear.com to do so.

Will I have freetime?

Of course! While we have a detailed curriculum and schedule for the two weeks you’re with us, you’ll have a few hours each day to catch up on work from afar or explore and experience the city in which you’re living. With access to a City Guide and a Remote Year City Team, you’ll have no shortage of recommendations for how to spend your down time.

Can you arrange my travel visas?

You are responsible for securing your own visa for your Journey destination, if you need one. Participants come from many different countries, and due to the constantly evolving nature of visa / immigration regulations, it is not possible for us to advise on the visa process. Plus, we aren't immigration professionals! We are happy to connect you with visa partners or general resources that others have found helpful.

What should I pack—fancy conference clothes or shorts and t-shirts?

Whatever you pack, we recommend packing light! While you’ll want to look sharp when meeting with other industry professionals, mentors or coaches, there won’t be a strict daily dress code. We’ll send you a suggested packing list a few weeks before your Journey starts (yes, the list includes your dancing shoes for the farewell event).

Is Remote Year a job provider?

No. Those participating in a 4- or 12-month Remote Year program are required to have a job that can be done remotely or a project that occupies them for the length of their program. We do offer support with our Employer Approval Process, which is designed to help those with in-office jobs make a case to their employers about how Remote Year might benefit the employee and employer alike. This is a resource Journey participants will have access to if attending Road to Remote.